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fights,jhon and quin super fights


In every academy, the single most important asset is people. The people at ITC embrace a growth mindset - and the places where you have the most room to grow are often outside our comfort zone. Let our space be the workshop where you build yourself into something new. 

the culture

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fights,jhon and quin super fights

For us martial arts isn't just an activity, its our way of life.

our tradition is evolution

The disciplines we've chosen to teach: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, have all been tested in and out of the ring to be the world's most effective fighting systems. However, we also teach and practice this set of arts to safely and effectively cultivate the modern human in every way that matters. Whether we train for fitness, self-defense, competition, or just for fun, we emerge from each class feeling a little closer to a better version of ourselves. 

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