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PRIVATE LESSONS are available by appointment, please go the the GET STARTED page!

Required gear for each class and skill levels are explained below.

Dress code, Gear, and SKILL LEVELS

All of our "All Levels" classes are designed to be both a challenging workout and a learning experience regardless of skill level or fitness level. Exercises are designed to allow students to partake at their own pace, and techniques are taught with modified alternatives for beginners.

Our "Advanced" classes are also open to newer students but may involve more complicated techniques and portions of the class may be dedicated to sparring and real fight simulations. Those taking a trial class are invited to any of our "All Levels" classes.

Muay Thai: A t-shirt, shorts, and boxing gloves are all that is required to take any of our "All Levels" classes. For trials, loaner gloves are made freely available. For our "Advanced" classes, full gear is required which includes hand wraps, shin guards, and a mouth piece.

Judo: Judo gi. For trials, loaner gis are made freely available.

Book in advance

You do not need to book any classes in advance but for Self-Defense, but feel free to book and secure your spot in case of classes filling up.



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