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TRIAL CLASSES & PRIVATE LESSONS are available by appointment, please go the the GET STARTED page!

Etiquette, dress code, and required gear for each class is explained HERE

Skill levels are explained HERE


















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Etiquette, Dress code, & Gear

For all classes, we recommend removing all jewelry, as well as hair pins or clips made of metal or hard plastic. Good hygiene is essential to a safe training environment, so we ask you to arrive with finger and toe nails trimmed short. For hygienic reasons, walking off of the mats barefoot is strictly forbidden (we recommend bringing sandals!). When stepping on the mat for Jiu-Jitsu classes, greet the Professor immediately with a hand shake, and, should time permit before class begins, also greet your fellow students. Similarly, before leaving the mats, say goodbye to the Professor and any students who helped you with a handshake. 

Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Jiu-Jitsu gi (free loaners are available for trial class students), mouthpiece recommended

No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Rashguard and board shorts, or T-shirt (covers arms and chest) and athletic shorts. Women may wear spats or Yoga pants. Tank tops, sports bras, and other clothing which doesn't cover the body and upper arms are not appropriate for jiu-jitsu classes. Mouthpiece recommended.

Judo: Judo gi

Muay Thai: Rashguard and Muay Thai Shorts, or alternatively, T shirt and athletic shorts. Shin guards, hand wraps, mouthpiece and boxing gloves. For trials, loaner gear is made freely available.

Skill levels

Fundamentals Jiu-Jitsu: Class designed with beginners (white belts) in mind. Higher ranks may join fundamentals classes, but have the responsibility of helping beginners. These are ideal classes for introductions.

Advanced Jiu-Jitsu: Class designed with advanced students (blue belts and up) in mind. White belts must ask permission to join.

All Levels Jiu-Jitsu: Classes which cater to all skill levels. Often different techniques are shown to accommodate both beginner and advanced level students. The methods of training are scaled in intensity to match any level of skill and fitness.

Dress code


Skill Levels
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