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What is the best martial art for your child?

When it comes to your child, the best martial art is more important than a particular style.

When it comes to martial arts for kids, parents may take a number of things into consideration. They may be concerned about preventing their kids from getting bullied, self-defense, better self-esteem, confidence, and physical fitness. There are plenty of styles to consider. How do you choose the best martial art for your child?

Believe it or not, the best martial art for your child may not have to do with a particular style. Matt Pasquinilli, a martial arts instructor explains saying "Choosing the best martial arts program for your child has nothing to do with the style. Taekwondo and karate are good for kids, especially Taekwondo, because the way it is broken down into small stepping stones… What’s the best martial arts for you and your child? It has to do with the school itself and the instructors working at that school.”

During the initial evaluation, Pasquinilli advises that parents observe how the instructors communicate with their child. Children come to the school for support and development, they don’t need instructors yelling at them or belittling them. Another factor that parents should take into consideration is proximity. Is the martial arts school near your home? For your child to become effective, they will have to go to classes at least twice a week. Does traveling to the school interfere with your schedule? Their homework?

What do the other parents have to say? Check out reviews online. A good martial artist may not be a good teacher and more than likely, parents will write reviews on Yelp or Google Business indicating this. How does the martial arts instructor communicate with you? How much experience working with children does the instructor have?

Pasquinilli also recommends that parents inquire about background checks for the instructors and even inquires about touching. Are the instructors allowed to touch the children? Parents should watch classes and assess the level of touching. Is the school clean? All of this is essential when parents check or choose a martial art school for their child.

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