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Beginner Week: Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (February 17th - 20th)

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at ITC in Astoria, Queens. Have fun, make friends, get in shape and learn one of the most effective martial arts. No experience necessary.

You want to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu. You have put it off. You have some experience and other martial arts, and you keep hearing how effective it is. Joe Rogan can't stop talking about it. You read something about him being a black belt. A few of your favorite mixed martial arts stars know it. You even heard that Keanu Reeves and the guy that played Al Bundy has a black belt. Navy seals talk about how effective it is. You're ready to learn, but you don't want to be the only beginner.

That, or you're concerned. Not much of a grappler. Perhaps you've never set foot in a martial arts school. So you're not sure what to expect. What if I told you, that when you begin your journey, and take the steps to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu, several things will happen:

1. You will have fun

2. You'll realize that there isn't much risk. Your workout is as intense as you want it to be.

3. You'll notice that people who practice jiu jitsu, are young, old, male, female and every size.

4. You'll notice that in class, there are other beginners like you.

5. Surprisingly, you'll realize that most of the experienced practitioners, spend significant amounts of time trying to help you get better.

6. You learn some extremely useful stuff after a few classes. Not after a few months. Right away, you'll learn techniques that have usefulness.

7. You'll sweat. You'll have fun. You'll get addicted.

International Training Center of New York has a monthly cycle, that has beginners in mind. After a few classes, you'll realize that everyone is learning with you. If you have martial arts experience, great, bring that. It will come in handy.

But what if you don't have any experience, you don't watch MMA, and you just want a physical fitness program, that gets you away from the computer and helps you make new friends. Jiu jitsu is great for that too. You'll soon realize how addictive Brazilian jiu jitsu is. You'll also realize how quickly, it becomes a way of life.

Ask us about the beginner week. You can even drop by for a free class. Try it out. You don't need to buy anything. Come with some shorts and a shirt and get prepared to have fun and begin a great journey. GET STARTED

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