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There's nothing
like ITC

ITC is for everyone. To those who step through our doors, the advantages are simply countless. Although many of our staff are professional athletes and mixed martial artists, our goal is to be a welcoming environment for anyone who walks through our doors. ITC is for professionals, for beginners, for those in the best shape of their life and those who think that day is behind them.

No matter your goals, experience, or fitness level, ITC is the place for you.


Welcome to the international training center -  A martial arts academy with a mission to fundamentally change the way you train.

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ITC offers the complete suite of real-world martial arts programs. Each program offers a full-body workout in fun, engaging group and private class settings. Classes are lead by masters of their craft: many of them Olympians, National Champions, or Pro Competitors. They use the lessons they've learned at the highest levels of their art to enrich the student body at ITC.


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the mission

ITC is more than just a fight gym - its a community.


A space to challenge yourself, and to do it together. Our team draws a diverse student body from all over the globe - sharing the mats with the singular purpose of bringing the martial arts back to its essence.

The International Training Center, both as a facility and a fight team, is an authentic piece of Mixed Martial Arts history. Since its establishment in 2000, ITC has served the larger Queens community, making it one of the first dedicated Mixed Martial Arts Academies not only in New York City, but in the whole United States.

All of our Martial Arts programs continue to evolve to remain ahead of the curve, offering adult and child students an effective, fun, and engaging way to train the body as well as the mind.

No other academy in the area matches the depth and breadth of our world class coaching staff.  


There are many other martial arts schools - but there is only one ITC.

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