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Get Fit: Kickboxing and Muay Thai

Many people are learning kickboxing and Muay Thai for fitness and improved self-defense.

Over the last few decades, many people are turning to boxing gyms and martial arts schools for fitness. They may not be interested in becoming professional fighters, but they realize that the boxing workout, it transforms their lives. In the process, they're learning a highly effective form of martial arts that they can use to protect themselves.

During an interview, retired Navy Seal, Jocko Willink advised people on effective martial arts. One of the first martial arts he mentioned was boxing.

Beyond boxing, is kickboxing. A martial art that combines all of the benefits of boxing, but adds the element of kicks. The result? A tremendous workout that is even more difficult than traditional western boxing. Like boxing, so many turn to kickboxing for a fitness program. The classes combine a great cardio workout, combined with punches and kicks. As you progress, you can spar and hone your technique. With kickboxing, you'll feel stronger and your body will transform.

Beyond Western boxing, and kickboxing is a style of kickboxing that is famous for its intensity. Muay Thai boxing is from South East Asia, and it has extreme popularity in Thailand. Jocko Willink also suggested Muay Thai boxing, when recommending effective martial arts.

Mixed martial arts commentator and martial arts authority, Joe Rogan speaks highly of Muay Thai boxing, referring to it as a more elite version of kickboxing. The reason being is that it also includes elbows, knee strikes and clinches. Muay Thai fighters often train their bodies to absorb punishment.

Muay Thai boxing is also great because most people in the United States do not condition their legs to take kicks. The result? Your Muay Thai kicks are extremely effective and in a self-defense situation, a Muay Thai kick can cause someone to lose their balance.

Kickboxing and Muay Thai are both effective forms of martial arts and great ways to start a fitness program.

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