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There's nothing

like ITC

ITC is for everyone. For anyone who steps through our doors, the advantages are simply countless. Although many of our staff and students are professional athletes and mixed martial artists, our environment is designed to quickly get your average adult in shape, as well as instill confidence and valuable life skills in kids.

To put it simply, ITC is the right place.

Welcome to the international training center - an underground mixed martial arts academy with a mission to fundamentally change the way you train.


ITC offers the complete suite of real-world martial arts programs. Each program offers a full-body workout in fun, engaging group and private class settings. Should you ever need them. students learn competition-proven fight techniques every class.








About ITC

ITC has served the larger Queens community since its establishment in 2000, making it one of the first dedicated Mixed Martial Arts Academies not only in New York City, but in the United States - solidifying it as an authentic piece of MMA history. Our Martial Arts programs continue evolving to remain on the cutting edge, offering adult and child students an effective, fun, and engaging way to train the body as well as the mind. Training at ITC provides you with the complete suite of Martial Arts programs, check out our site to find the right fit for you.

ITC's world class staff motivate you with fun, energizing classes, unique one-on-one lessons, and host special free or donation based events every month. Staff at the International Training Center include Olympians, National Champions, and International Level Competitors in multiple martial arts, taking the lessons they've learned through competing at the highest level and using them to help everyday students reach their goals.


No other academy in the area can make the same claim - there are many other martial arts schools but there is only one ITC.

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