Muay Thai is the national martial art and self-defense style of Thailand. Famous for its eight devastating weapon-like kicks, elbow strikes, knees and punches, Muay Thai has proven to be one of the most effective striking systems in the world. Modern day practitioners liken it to Kickboxing, however, Muay Thai is a complete striking system that goes beyond just kicks and boxing.

Muay Thai is revered for its intense physical training. It is THE MOST INTENSE workout you’ll ever do! You’ll walk away drenched every time. Within weeks you’ll see changes in your body, your mind and your confidence.

Practitioners study for the mind, body and spirit or to become an amateur to professional ring fighter. Incredibly street lethal and a proven system in Ultimate Fighting Championships, Muay Thai is direct and straightforward with one intention: drop your opponent!

Gear Requirements: Muay Thai Shorts & t-shirt, minimum 12 oz boxing gloves (16oz for sparring), Muay Thai Shin Guards, minimum 180″ hand wraps, Cup & Mouthguard (Recommended).

Peter Kaljevic – over 100 fights in Muay Thai,┬áMember of IFL’s Chicago Red Bears.

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